The Birth

Whereas we would have preferred the dramatics of a rising from the ashes like a phoenix, AHQ Consultancy (‘AHQ’) was established in February 2017 as a result of the collective vision of Abdul Qaubid Abdallah, Bernard Stephen and Hassan-Tino Rajabu to establish an energetic and dynamic legal consulting firm geared towards offering high quality and efficient legal services at an affordable cost.

What is AHQ

Besides being an acronym for ‘A HIGH QUALITY’, AHQ is a registered legal practice duly licensed to offer legal and consultancy services in Tanzania.

What makes AHQ different? Unique?

AHQ enjoys through its partners a fifteen-year imprint in the legal profession, and coupled with an average age of 30 years between the consultants, AHQ is unique in offering the energy, industry and vigour of youth with the experience and expertise of seasoned professional service providers.

The Consultants have industry knowledge of the leading commercial and economic sectors, offering with it, an international understanding of key legal issues and developments affecting the sectors.

AHQ believes in staying abreast of legal developments so as to ensure its clients stay ahead of their competition. To this end, we are consistently involved in research, training and publication, allowing the delivery of seamless and qualitatively robust services to clients.

How AHQ prefers getting paid?

Unfortunately, hugs and handshakes do little to help in keeping the lights on but AHQ does offer payment methods structured to ensure maximum benefit for every cent paid by our clients.

  • Fixed Fee
    AHQ has fixed fees or product costs for a number of services which are available on request depending on the nature of the service required.
  • Capped Fee
    Under this payment option, AHQ will create a tentative time budget required to complete a particular task or assignment and will then cap a fee on such time. AHQ will work within the cap ensuring the client is able to work within a budget without the inconvenience of additional invoices.
  • Retainer Fees
    AHQ offers retainer arrangements with clients specifically suited to the client’s unique individual need so that the client receives the best value for the payments it makes.

Contact US

Samora Tower, 8th Floor
Mansfield Street,
Dar Es Salaam

+255 22 2113435