What can AHQ do for you?

In addition to an amazing cup of coffee and good football based conversation, AHQ offers high quality consultancy and legal representation in the following areas;

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our portfolio has the requisite experience and expertise having been engaged in the following areas of litigation and alternative dispute resolution;

Employment and Immigration Law

AHQ offers a complete employment and labour law retainer package. Within the package AHQ offers general advice on employment and labour law issues

Energy, Infrastructure and Environmental Law

AHQ’s Partners have advised a number of local and multinational corporations on oil and gas legislation and regulation in Tanzania.

Banking, Finance and Capital Markets

AHQ’s banking and finance expertise includes;

Company Incorporation and Corporate Secretarial Services

AHQ offers business consultancy services on all aspects of management, solutions and training for both new business and existing ventures.

Investigation and Research

AHQ offers years of experience in general and specific due diligence, background check and information verification through its comprehensive investigative and research service package.

Asset and Wealth Management

Our wealth management portfolio offers investment advice and management solutions to clients looking to secure, manage or grow their current wealth.

Real Estate

Areas which AHQ and its associate consultants regularly advise on Real Estate include

Financial Technology (FINTEC)

AHQ’s consultancy services in this area include;

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